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Few places are as beautiful for a motorcycle ride as San Diego. But motorcyclists face risks everywhere they go, and the biggest threat is other drivers. Even if you do everything possible to avoid a crash, negligent drivers often don’t. When you’re injured by a careless driver, you deserve compensation for the many crash-related costs you face. But getting fair payment means relying on the good will of insurance companies, and we can tell you from experience that insurers aren’t known for acting in good faith. Because they believe all the stereotypes about riders, insurance companies want to treat you unfairly. They’ll allege that your negligence led to the crash, even when you know that’s not true. They might deny your claim or make you an offer that is nowhere near what you deserve. If that happens, know that you are under no obligation to accept the insurance company’s offer. Instead, contact the Walter Clark Legal Group, and tell the insurance company to Back Off My Bike!

Know How Much You Deserve from the Insurance Company

Insurance companies want nothing more than for you to accept an offer without realizing how much you’re truly owed. That’s one reason they sometimes make quick offers and expect victims like you to accept them without asking any questions.

But the injuries you’ve suffered might affect your life for years to come. You deserve compensation for the many costs you have faced and will face, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering

Before you even consider accepting an offer from an insurance company, you need to know how much you truly deserve. The motorcycle lawyers at the Walter Clark Legal Group can review your case to help you determine a fair settlement, and then we’ll handle the insurance company negotiations while you focus on getting better.

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