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Beaumont and its surrounding regions are tailor-made for riding a motorcycle. That’s probably why so many motorcyclists are happy to call Beaumont home. At Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law, we’re proud to be advocates of local motorcyclists who need legal help after crashes.

Our Beaumont motorcycle lawyers know how challenging life can be after a serious accident. Not only do motorcyclists have to deal with the same things all injured motorists encounter (painful injuries, costly medical bills, lost income, etc.), motorcyclists have the added challenge of dealing with insurance companies that treat them unfairly.

Motorcyclists Face Undeserved Stigma in Injury Claims

Motorcyclists are well aware of the stigma they face on our roads. People envision bikers as reckless and danger-seeking drivers, when they’re typically highly skilled, responsible motorists.

What many motorcyclists don’t realize is that the stereotypes they face on the roads follow them into dealings with insurance companies. Insurers often paint injured motorcyclists in a bad light to deny them the compensation they deserve.

At Terry Bryant Accident & Injury Law, we have years of experience standing up for the rights of injured motorcyclists. We know that motorcyclists can get the compensation they’re entitled to with dedicated legal counsel handling their cases.

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