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Motorcycle accidents cause severe, life-changing injuries. After that type of event disrupts your life, you need compensation. But more than that, when your injuries were caused by someone else, you deserve compensation.

We have decades of experience dealing with these types of cases, and we know that insurance adjusters try to low-ball motorcycle accident victims, or worse, assign the motorcyclist an unfair portion of the blame.

But when the insurance company plays hardball, we step up to the plate. Call today to learn how what we can do for you.

We Know How to Win Motorcycle Claims   

Not just any personal injury lawyer can handle motorcycle crash injury cases. Motorcycle crashes often result in more serious injuries, requiring larger settlements to compensate clients. Motorcycle accident victims also face a larger barrier in proving they weren’t at fault, because insurance companies and their adjusters tend to be prejudiced against motorcyclists.

Our team of motorcycle attorneys know how to compile convincing evidence that riders played little to no part in their own accidents, and work hard to earn you every penny you are owed for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering

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When you’ve been injured after a motorcycle crash caused by someone else, call the motorcycle attorneys at Phillips Law Group. We will take on the fight for you, and handle all the necessary details of paperwork, so you can focus on your recovery. There is no charge to speak to a lawyer, and no obligation. Call today for your free consultation.


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Phillips Law Group Gets Results for Motorcyclists and Their Families

  • $7,650,000

    verdict for a motorcyclist who suffered a TBI and skull fracture.

  • $1,250,000

    verdict for a motorcyclist who suffered a fractured leg and hip.

  • $4,500,000

    verdict for the wrongful death of a motorcyclist.

  • $345,000

    verdict for a motorcyclist who suffered a fractured skull, face, and wrist.

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