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As a motorcyclist in New York City, you already know the stigma you face every time you ride through the city. Other drivers assume you’re a reckless risk-taker, when in reality, you’re probably a more responsible motorist than they are.

Unfortunately, the stigma motorcyclists face on New York’s roads follows them when they file insurance claims after they’re injured in crashes.

Injured motorcyclists are frequently offered lowball insurance settlement offers, and sometimes, their claims are denied altogether, all because insurers think they can get away with it.

The New York City motorcycle lawyers at Parker Waichman see bias play out in motorcycle accident claims all the time, and we have a simple message to negligent drivers and their insurance companies: Back Off My Bike!

Insurance Companies Aren’t on Your Side

Insurance companies know that they can get away with lowball settlement offers to injured riders. Why? Because they do it all the time.

Unfortunately, many riders don’t realize that they can push back against unfair settlement offers, and that’s exactly what insurers count on. They’d rather you ask no questions and take whatever offer they make.

Our legal team is here to tell you that you should never accept an insurance company’s offer without speaking to an attorney first.

Parker Waichman Has Your Back

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