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Most motorcyclists do everything possible to stay safe. It’s typically only after negligent drivers make mistakes that motorcycle riders are involved in crashes. Yet even when a crash wasn’t their fault, injured motorcyclists often get the short end of the stick when dealing with insurance companies. Insurers can go out of their way to portray you as a dangerous rider, which means they don’t have to pay you the compensation you deserve. It’s time to tell those insurance companies a clear message: Back Off My Bike!

At Fears Nachawati, We Stand Up for Houston Motorcyclists

We’ve been representing injured motorcyclists in Houston for years, and we know the tactics insurance companies use to offer lowball settlements. Unfortunately, too many motorcyclists accept an insurer’s initial offer, not realizing that they’re entitled to far more in damages.

The Houston motorcycle injury lawyers at Fears Nachawati work hard to make sure that this doesn’t happen to our clients. We review their claims thoroughly to determine exactly how much they’re owed, and then we fight to get them the full amount.

You deserve compensation for medical expenses, lost income, property damage, pain, and suffering. Let us handle the paperwork, investigations, research, and negotiations on your behalf, so you can focus on your recovery.

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We’re committed to standing up for the rights of motorcyclists in Houston, and we want to meet with you to discuss your legal options. Fears Nachawati offers free consultations, and we won’t pressure you to move forward with a claim unless you wish to do so.

If you’re considering your legal options after a crash, fill out the form on this page to get a free case review, and tell the insurance companies to Back Off My Bike!

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