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Paul Teutul Sr.’s Official Recommendation for Motorcycle Attorneys in Connecticut

As a motorcyclist, riding is a big part of your life. But after a crash, the insurance company doesn’t see you as someone who was injured while enjoying their passion. Instead, it sees you as a reckless menace who was endangering others on the road.

And when you need compensation, you’re likely to get a lowball settlement at best and an outright rejection at worst, regardless of what the evidence and accident report say about who caused the crash. Getting a fair settlement is always a challenge after an injury, but it’s even more difficult when you start off with one hand tied behind your back because of the insurance company’s bias.

We’ll Tip the Scales Back in Your Favor

After a motorcycle accident, it’s important to get a lawyer in your corner. But it’s even more important to get a law firm that knows motorcycle accidents and understands the challenges that injured riders face. We don’t let insurance companies bully our clients or reject facts and evidence that show who’s truly responsible for their injuries.

Remember—the insurance company wants to make money, not pay you a fair settlement. If it can get you to accept less than your claim is worth, it will. And if it can reject your claim outright, that’s even better for them. But to us, it’s unacceptable for innocent victims to pay out of pocket after crashes that weren’t their fault, and that’s why we work hard to get our clients maximum compensation.

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The longer you wait to get an experienced Connecticut motorcycle accident lawyer on your side, the more of an advantage you give up to the insurance company. They don’t fight fair, and you need an advocate on your side who understands their tactics and knows how to counter them every step of the way.

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