Top Motorcycling Routes Around Montgomery, Alabama

When you’re on the back of a motorcycle, you’ll get an insider’s look at everything that makes Montgomery a top motorcycling destination. The state of Albama which surrounds this city offers hospitality with its historic landmarks and landscapes ranging from rocky hills to sunny beaches. The curvy roads, scenic outlooks, lush forests, vibrant towns, and covered bridges fill the state full of character and history.

Motorcyclists who wish to experience beauty and scenic view should visit Alabama by going around Montgomery. If you’re a motorcyclist, here are the routes you need to take for getting the most scenic experience from your journey.

Snake Way, Scottsboro

The Snake Way lies in the Scottsboro area if you travel to Jackson County Road 42 to Road 39. The route is called the Snake Way because it’s the curviest and steepest road in Alabama, with five hairpin turns and incredible elevation changes within a 3.2-kilometer section pavement.

The road has a technical nature and is reserved for experienced motorcyclists. Especially during autumn when the prevalence of falling leaves reduces the friction. In spring and summer, the road does require special skills.

The route you need to take from Montgomery will start when you get onto I-65 N from Bibb St, and Clay St. Continue on I-65 N and take i-59 N to AL-35 N/Glenn Blvd SW/Pine Ridge Rd SW in Fort Payne. Take exit 218 from I-59 N and follow AL- 35 N and US-72 E/ John T Reid Pkwy/ Lee Hwy to Co Rd 42 in Fackler.

The Beaches Of Gulf Shores

Head to Birmingham and get on I-65 N from Bibb St and Clay St. Follow I-65 N to Reverend Abraham Woods Jr Boulevard in Birmingham. Exit from 261 A from I- 65 N and continue to Reverend Abraham Woods Jr Boulevard. The journey ends at 19th St N.

The US highway 31 runs parallel to Interstate 65 and is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to take a less populated road. By following this route south from Birmingham, you can enjoy fresh sunsets in the Spanish Fort and fresh seafood at the Mobile Bay’s mouth.

Motorcyclists who ride this route will find plenty of sites to enjoy, including Orange Beach resort cities and the Flora-Bama beach bar.

Rockets And Rock’ N’ Roll, Huntsville

Head to Huntsville, the home of the world’s largest space museum, the US Space and Rocket Center. Here you can find some out-of-space artifacts, including a space rock. For music fans, Muscle Shoals consists of a place called “Hit Recording Capital of the World.”

You can also visit the historic FAME Recording Studios and Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, where famous artists have recorded. If you plan a motorcycle trip during February and November, stop by at Rattlesnake Saloon to receive a unique dining experience there.

To head to Huntsville, get on I-65 N from Bibb St, and Clay St. Continue on I-65 N to Huntsville and take exit 19C from I- 565 E. Follow Jefferson St N to Spring St SW.

Riding through these routes from Montgomery on the back of a two-wheeler will help you experience some of Alabama’s most scenic locations.

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