The Best Riding Routes in Arkansas

Arkansas is the home of numerous scenic motorcycling routes that cater to everyone’s taste and riding abilities. As a motorcycle rider, you need to know the right routes to make your motorcycling adventures into cherishable memories.

This is why, today, let’s list down the most panoramic routes Arkansas has to offer.

Lake Greeson

At times, you just want to head out, point the bike in a direction and start wandering.

Whenever you get such a feeling, you need to head for Lake Greeson and let the wind take you where you want to go. There is no particular route you need to take here. The area will give you the chills, though not as drastic as Ozark in the Northwest, but they’re something.

Lake Greeson isn’t crowded like the Lake Ouachita, DeGray, or Hamilton. It has numerous parks around it where you can pull up, breathe fresh air, and dip your feet in the water.

A journey to Lake Greeson will take you away from the crowd and allow you to see the prettier side of nature in Arkansas.

Getting there:A good route to reach Lake Greeson is the AR 70 south from Hot Springs that skirts the Ouachita National Forest.

Oark General Store, Ozark National Forest

The Oark General Store was founded in 1890 and is the oldest operating store in Arkansas. The store has been reputed among many bikers over the tenure, making it a must-visit biker stop. Here, you can feast on burgers, ice creams, pies and take selfies at the most iconic natural slate of Arkansas.

The roads are smooth with widening switchback turns and minimal traffic. As for the road’s technicality, it’s easy to ride given the twists and turns.

However, a novice rider will require some practice at a reasonable speed, but if you’re careful, you can ride it while enjoying the awesome scenery.

Getting there: You can take the AR103 north from Interstate 30 at Clarksville. Turn right on AR 215.

AR74+ Jasper

Jasper may seem like a speck on the map (fewer than 500 people last counted), yet it’s one world-famous speck thanks to its proximity to the Buffalo River. The place offers fantastic and stunning natural beauty for hiking.

AR74 is running right to a hamlet’s doorstep in the beautiful Ozark mountains. But be cautious; the road itself is rather challenging technically, with steep grades of 15 and 20 mph curves. The payoff, however, is worth it!

Riding a motorcycle to AR74+ Jasper is about the food as well. When you go to Jasper, there’s a little restaurant called “The Ozark Café.” The desserts there are delicious. When you’re done with the eating, head to the “Low Gap Café.”

Did you know there’s a 5-star chef that works in that hole-in-the-wall restaurant? While it doesn’t look like much, the dishes are amazing!

Getting there: Take the route to AR74 north of Russellville or south Harrison.

These routes are some of the most memorable ones in Arkansas that every biker should truly visit once in their lifetime.

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