Riding the Most Popular Routes Around South Carolina

South Carolina, known for its subtropical beaches, relaxing shoreline, and rich Coastal Charleston history, add to the appeal of living in the city. If you’re a motorbike adventurist, the city is a gold mine for some beautiful terrains and various paths to ride on.

You will find waterfalls, forests, rivers, and rolling foothills through Piedmont or the Upstate Region. So, take out your bikes because we are going on an adventure through some of the most popular routes around South Carolina.

Ceasers Head

Experience a route filled with thick green trees and nature that lines the way. The shade of the trees will follow you all the way to the mountain summit. During the winter, the same route will offer you the most breathtaking upstate panoramic views.

You begin the trip by hitting it off at Highway 276 and make your way to Cleveland. From there, you make your way to Highway 11 and head to Ceasers Head State Park. From the park, you can take a ride all the way to the mountain summit of the state park and make your way to North Carolina. In North Carolina, you can plan a picnic or take eat out at one of the restaurants.

Ashley River Road

This route holds historic significance, located outside of Charleston stretches around 11 miles along Route 61. This is the ideal route if you’re planning a short weekend escape. As you keep riding the four-lane road, it turns into a two-lane road as it nears Ashley River Historic District.

The river road takes you through the National Register Historic District. You ride on a path lined with oak and hickory trees that provide you with shade as you take in the scenic beauty. You pass through orchards and small villages where you can take a breather and have a small picnic. You also cross Lake Keowee running by the Magnolia Plantation & Gardens and Middleton Place Plantation.

Cherokee Foothills

This route was once traveled by the Cherokee Tribe and fur traders and still holds significance in South Carolina. The scenic highway stretches over 113 miles, and it’s a four-hour ride where you experience the beauty of Blue Ridge and Lake Keowee. From there, you make your way to the Cowpens National Battlefield and wind through orchards and small villages.

This route is also an alternative to making your way from South Carolina and going interstate to Georgia.


Beaufort is one city that is known for having the most biker-friendly community out there. You start your trip on Highway 21 and ride through the historic district and make your way from the Barrier Islands to Hunting Island State Park.

If you head East on Highway 21, you cross through Frogmore and make your way across St. Helena Island from there. Then travel over to Harbor River and take a right and ride to Sea Island Parkway. There you ride through the scenic beauty. You can also stop over and explore one of the many nature trails by taking a walk around there for a while.

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