Popular Motorcycling Routes through Tyler, TX

The “Lone Star State” of Texas provides motorcycle riders with the best trips and an array of scenic diversity with over 260,000 miles of territory. Texas offers lush green scenery and refreshing lake views, making it a favorite for motorcycle riders wishing to seek scenic splendor. Moving towards the east, you’ll be able to enjoy the state’s lakes, parries, and pine forests.

The city of Tyler, in particular, is known as the focal point for rose cultivation. If you’re planning a motorcycle trip out of Tyler to any part of Texas, you need to know about some routes.

Today, let’s list down some of the famous motorcycling routes you can take to set your trip into memory.

Twisted Sisters

A ride to Twisted Sisters would change your mind if you thought of Texas as a flat country. This ride will captivate you to change your mind and keep you wanting to return time and time again.

Twisted Sisters are the three Hill Country Ranch Roads: TX 335, TX 336, and TX 337. These routes are equally beloved by locals and visiting motorcyclists. The exciting twists and turns will make you want to ride this route twice.

Start at Medina, where you’ll be filling up the gas. There are places like Bar-B-Que and Kesse’s Café where you can have breakfast. From Medina, head to the first sister TX 337, and ride head towards Leaky.

This road will take you across the beautiful Texan ranches and start twisting and turning along the sweeping curves. Some of the sweepers might suddenly decrease in radius, which can throw you off balance.

After 20 miles, there will be an intersection at Vanderpool. If you get time, head onto route 187 and detour along with the Lone Star Motorcycle Museum, a curious place that features overs 60 motorcycles.

After passing Vanderpool at TX 337, you will go through some fun twists before heading to the town of Leaky. Fill up your tank here, and then head towards Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop.

From Leaky, take route 336 to the North. The turns here are scenic and predictable. Caution be advised as there are no fences and the livestock is free-range. TX 336 will intersect route 41 at Leaky Independent School District. Ride along this route and head west until you meet with the third sister, TX 335.

TX 335 possesses breathtaking vistas with thrilling curves and bends. After you reach Camp Wood, grab a bite from Two Fat Boys before heading back to Medina. From Medina, head back to Tyler using the route TX-31 and I-35 S.


Ride from Dallas to Fredericksburg, TX. While you are in the historic town of Fredericksburg, there are many things you can enjoy. These include Bed and Breakfast, wine tasting, Natural State parks, German restaurants, Pioneer Museum, National Museum of the Pacific War, and Natural State Parks. There are also plenty of antiquing shopping biker-friendly towns on the way.

For heading to Fredericksburg from Tyler. Head south to N Broadway Ave toward W Erwin St. Follow TX-31 W, State Hwy 31 W and I-35 S to S IH 35 Service Rd /S/S Robertson Rd in Bell County.

Go through exit 283 from I-35 S. Take FM2843 and TX -138 to the US- 183 in Williamson County. Next, take TX-29 W and TX- 16 S/N State Hwy 16 to E Travis St in Fredericksburg. You’ll be driving up to N Adams St to end your journey.

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