Must-Experience Motorcycling Routes from Syracuse, NY

Syracuse is known for the famous Museums and Onondaga lake. The historic villages, lush farmlands, rolling hills, beautiful rivers, and lakes make upstate New York an excellent motorcycling place.

There are many routes you can take to enjoy the byways and highways in upstate New York. To journey through the great upstate parts, here’s a list of routes you need to take to make your motorcycling experience memorable.


The man-made servicing Ashokan Reservoir consists of rolling green hills, and along the route, bootlegger Dutch Schultz is known to have buried treasure.

You can start this ride from Route 87 by taking exit 19 near Kingston to Route 28. Head west of the road, and you will wind around the reservoir along Esopus Creek.

Be sure to try out tubing here. On the path, take a left off from 28 onto Main Street in Phoenicia to get to Sweet Sue’s pancakes. You can also stay on 28 to eat at Phoenicia Diner.

Letch Worth State Park

Letch worth State Park is one of the best state parks in America. The route from upstate NY forms a rectangle around the park, also called the “The Grand Canyon of the East.”

To get here, start from Routes 5 and 20 by taking Lakeville Road south between Lima and Avon’s towns. The road turns into West Lake Road along Conesus Lake.

Once here, continue to Dansville to Route 436 west. You can spot the Big Sky Restaurant and Saloon at 5570 Hartman Road. Route 436 joins with 19A north which first turns to 39, then 246. From here, you’ll be heading back to Routes 5 and 20.

In Portville on 436, look for an entrance to the right across Griffith Road. Take a tour of the Genesee River Canyon. There are many overnight accommodations here, such as the Glen Iris Inn.

Central New York

Journey to the Eastern Gateway to Skaneateles through 13 curves. Along this path, be careful of the ghost that haunts the curves in a prom dress.

The route starts at Swallow’s Tavern on South Avenue, where you’ll be starting up at St. Agnes Hill by following route 175. Pass Onondaga Community College and at the next traffic light, turn left where Cedarvale Road intersects.

Turn right to stay on Cedarvale. Next, you need to head towards the bottom of the hill. Take a right onto the pleasant valley, a quiet road with silos and a big “S” curve. The road ends at Route 175, from where you’ll need to take e left turn and follow Route 120. Here, you’ll find the Skan-ellus ice cream stand on the right.

Continue by heading west on 20 to Skaneateles. You will find a motorcycle-friendly Lakehouse Pub in the footprint of late Morris Grill at 6 West Genesee.

If you feel the village is too crowded for you, head 4 miles north onto Jordan Street, to the Red Rooster Pub. Finally, for heading back to Syracuse, continue up Jordan to Route 5, hanging right, and follow ingo Syracuse.

These vivid and mesmerizing upstate locations will make your motorcycle rides an experience to remember.

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