Motorcycle rides to experience from Yuma, Arizona

Arizona is a beautiful state which enjoys flat, dry scrublands to giant mesas and houses the world-famous Grand Canyon. Fortunately for motorcyclists, much beauty lies close to the City of Yuma, Arizona, making many panoramic sights accessible.

So, should you plan a trip on your two-wheeler starting from Yuma, here’s a list of the routes that will make your road trips memorable.

Gila-Pinal Scenic Road

The Gila-Pinal Scenic Road was made into an official American scenic byway back in 1986 by the Arizona Department of Transportation. It was done to preserve the stunning views of the Sonora desert of the old copper country and the mountains it’s cut through.

This is a straight shot through the state of Arizona and gains a constant upward inclination. You’ll also be climbing into the mountains of this road through four ecological zones. These include the Ponderosa Pine Forest at its highest elevations.

To get here from Yuma, get onto I- 8 E from W 16th Street and follow I-18 E to W Pima St in Gila Bend. Exit 115 from I- 8 E. Get onto AZ-202/AZ-202Loop E in Chandler from W Maricopa Rd AZ- 238 and AZ- 347 N/N John Wayne Pkwy.

Continue on your path to Mesa and take exit 30A from AZ-202/AZ-202Loop E. Keep following US-60 E to Mountain View Way in Globe.

There’s also the ecological park name Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park in this area, with many exotic plants and trees transplanted to the site. The park also holds regular events under the University of Arizona jurisdiction and the state’s park system.

Tortilla Flat

The Tortilla Flat is a medium-length ride through the Superstition Mountains. The ride will start on the historic Apache Trail, named after the Indians Apache who used to trail cross the mountains. Ride through beautiful hills, desert sceneries, and scrubland views of lakes and mountains.

If you get the time, try out the Apache Trail, where the pavement ends just a few miles after Tortilla Flat. As most bikes don’t have four wheels, you should stick to the pavement. The Tortilla Flat route is not suited to beginner-level motorcyclists as it consists of many hairpin sharp turns.

You can visit many places here, which include Goldfield Ghost Town and Mine, which is just a tour down the main street. The other major site to visit is Canyon lake which s a popular stop for people who enjoy fishing and boating. The Canyon lake sits on the Apache Trail just before you hit Tortilla Flat. While your bike isn’t a boat, you can still capture some great photos.

For getting to Tortilla Flat from Yuma, follow W 19th St and S 4th Ave to the US- 95N/W 16th St. Follow US- 95 N and US-60 to AZ-71 N in Maricopa County. Once there, head to US-93 N in Yavapai County from AZ-71 N, which merges onto US-93 N. End your journey at AZ-97 N.

These routes in Yuma lead to some of the most breathtaking parts across Arizona. Be sure to take your camera with you to capture your trip into memory.

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