Most Scenic Riding Trails in Nashville

Nashville is well-known as the capital of country music, art galleries, and museums. But the city offers access to some of the most scenic bike routes in the country, making you experience the most challenging twists and turns.

Once you land in Nashville, you can find a plethora of motorcycle rentals in the vicinity and even more options for biking trails. Depending on your mood and affinity, you may choose the short or long routes to make the trip worthwhile.

We will share some of the most scenic biking trails that you could experience in Nashville.

Cherohala Skyway

It is a three-hour trip from downtown Nashville, and at an elevation of about 5,400 feet above sea level, it offers one of the country’s best scenic views stretched across approximately 51 miles.

It is advised to be careful while riding in the curvy routes of Cherohala Skyway, especially at night and in bad weather. The weather often gets unpleasant due to the rain, making the roads slippery for bike riders. Also, make sure to keep your backpack full of eateries as it gets hard to come across eateries or lodgings.

The smoky mountains help the route stand out from the rest and make it a fabulous ride for all motorcyclists, making the riders feel like they are riding over the clouds.

Occasionally you will witness some wildlife on the route; thus, if you have a penchant for photography, you can make the most of the trip.

Cumberland Plateau

It’s a single-day trip, and the route is located about 70 miles outside of Nashville by Center Hill Lake. You can enjoy the lake’s spectacular sights before winding through low valleys, high ridges, and lush, thick forests along the route.

Moreover, the route gives way to the sheer Appalachian Escarpment to the east, leading the plateau down into the Ridge and Valley Appalachians. Unlike Cherohala Skyway, you can come across some fantastic eateries to assuage your appetite.

The area’s naturally occurring features play a vital role in attracting motorcyclists throughout the United States, and intricate, winding, and remote roads augment the adventure and fun for riders manifold.

The area also hosts several major motorcycling events that portray the roads’ significance and specialty, ultimately helping the region promote motorcycle touring in the community.

Deal’s Gap – The Dragon

It’s a short route of just 11 miles full of curves and twists.

Nestled in the western range of southern Appalachian Mountain, it provides one of the most exhilarating and exciting rides to the bikers.

Many sharp turns and steep drop-offs make the ride less scenic and more frightening for motorcyclists.

This route is usually recommended for experienced riders, given that a plethora of treacherous turns can affect the faint hearts unpleasantly.

The roads are surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest, free from any intersecting roads, making the ride smooth for you.

Pack your bag today and get ready to experience the ride of your life.

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