Most Popular Riding Trails in Connecticut

Connecticut is home to the world’s earliest nuclear-powered submarine. However, we will not discuss that in today’s blog, but the most popular and scenic roadways prone to make it a perfect location for motorcycle riding.

Whether you are itching for some coastal cruise or twisty mountain roads, Connecticut has the most beautiful scenery and excellent motorcycle routes that can provide you a safe, thrilling, and scenic adventures.

Let’s explore the most scenic riding routes to make a perfect summer plan.

Northeast CT County Loop

The roads are excellent, and you can have a fantastic ride as long as the weather is nice.

After kicking off from Ashford, you may head east on Route 44; along the way, you can clap eyes on some picturesque small villages and old farms.

The loop entails routes 198 to 171, then heading forward 169 to 197, and then back to 171. Taking these routes can make you visit some out of the way towns such as Pomfret, Quinebaug, and Woodstock.

Minimal traffic of the road allows you to ride for long stretches without hitting a traffic light.

To add the flavor of extra fun, make sure to take eateries with you since you won’t find many eateries on your way.

Northern CT Border Run

Although the route is quite far from the towns, it doesn’t take long for riders to get there since the roads are in good shape.

The ride commences at the intersection of Route 169 and 190in North Woodstock. Turn westside on Route 197, which will take you into Route 190, offering you fall foliage, spring greenery, and everything in between.

Going further, Nipmuck State Forest will welcome you, followed by few small towns. Since there is minimal traffic; hence, you won’t be distracted by the signs and lights.

Keep your eyes and mind open while riding because you never know when a deer or other animals run your way.

Northern CT Appalachian Mountains Ride

If you have an affinity for mountains, then you must take a ride here at least once in your lifetime.

Just outside Granby, at the intersection of Route 200 and 20, the journey begins. You can stride west on 20 into Winsted, and down the road, you will switch to Route 44 via Canaan. Bikers across the country crave deep inside to experience the ride here once and enjoy the scenery.

Near the town of Salisbury, Lakeville, and Cornwall, you can spot campers, hikers, and motorists since the area attract tourists from across the country and beyond.

Durham to Old Say-Brook

Prior to starting the journey, know that you will experience some tight bends and sweeping curves on this route.

Southern Connecticut is home to a friendly small town, winding and twisty roads, and exquisite rural landscapes. If you would like to have a one-day ride, then traveling from Durham down toward the CT river through Route 79 and 148 is the best option.

Once the river is passed by on Hwy 92, you can turn towards Lyme and then follow a short stretch on I-91 to Old Say-Brook.

Upon reaching Lynde Point Lighthouse, you can take a break and sink your toes into the soft sand at Rocky Neck State Park.

The scenic route is particularly stunning during the fall colors of September and October.

Take a break from your mundane and monotonous routine and experience some peace of mind at these spellbinding and compelling routes.

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