Most Popular Motorcycling Routes in Kansas

The city of Kansas got its name after the Kansas territory. The largest city in Missouri, the “Show-Me State,” the city of Kansas consists of a web of long highways and roads stretching across America’s heartland.

So, if you’re prepared to venture through Middle America on a motorcycle, here’s a list of the best routes to take for making your ride memorable.

The “Big M” River Ride Loop

The “Big M” River Ride Loop is the perfect way to explore Missouri’s historical state. To get there, leave Kansas via I-70 E and head north on MO- 131 towards Wellington. At the intersection of Highways 224 and 131 in Wellington, move east on 224 towards Lexington. Later, merge onto Highway 24 and continue towards Waverly.

From Waverly, turn north on Highway 24/65 to Carrollton and head Weston Highway 10 to Richmond. Reach west highway 10 and then continue until it reaches highway 210. Keep west on highway 210 and then head straight towards highway 291.

Stay south on 291 and head east on Highway 24 towards Bruckner at Napoleon. Once you reach Napoleon, merge off from 24 and onto 224, keeping east as you head back towards Wellington to end your trip.

Some spectacular landscapes await you on highway 224 that runs up against the Missouri River. The scenery changes at highway 10 and 210 as you’ll enter the land of endless fields, farms and will experience the smoothest motorcycle ride imaginable.

The Southeast Kansas Corner Loop

If you wish for a chance to ride through the symbolic and geographic heart of America, head to The Southeast Kansas Corner Loop. For getting here, start at Olathe, close to Kansas, by taking I-35 S. Head south towards 169 and then west on 160 located south of Cherryvale.

Once here, get on 75 and head south to Dewey. Past Dewey, you’ll be making a brief run down northeastern Oklahoma as the route shifts through Bartlesville. Afterward, head east on 60 until you get to West Seneca to head north on 43, where you’ll be passing Joplin.

There’s a surprise for you here, the scenic route 66!

These brief excursions will take you back into Kansas should you get onto 69 past Joplin. You can do this by heading north on 43 and 171 then going west on 160. 69 will take you back to Olathe.

The Southeast Kansas Corner Loop is an easy ride through rural Kansas and Oklahoma. The part of this area that runs through southeastern Kansas is a sight to behold. When you’re at Bartlesville, head south from 123 and stop at Oklahoma’s Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve to see Western art and wildlife.

Alternatively, you can also head west from Joplin on I-44 to visit the Sandstone Gardens and feel the “turn-of-the-century” luxurious lifestyle. The road here is flat and smooth, making it perfect for journeying through the wide countryside vistas at a leisurely pace.

Ending Note

The routes mentioned above cover vast distances, yet, they don’t even begin to scratch the surface of the heartland’s many motorcycling roads. By having a ride planned out in Kansas, you’ll never run out of relaxing rides.

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