Most Popular Motorcycle Trails in Memphis

Memphis is located on the Mississippi River, at the southwest of Tennessee. Diversity and rich culture, paired with the perfect roads for biker’s hangout, make the town an attractive spot for local and international riders and tourists.

Memphis is the birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll and home to the blues. It is also considered the regional center of commerce, education, media, arts, and entertainment. In a nutshell, Memphis is famous for many things, but we will explore the most scenic and fascinating riding trails it offers to bike lovers.

Let’s explore the most popular riding destinations you must experience once you land in the city.

Beale Street

Go and hit the road on Wednesday night to assuage your riding appetite wholly and completely.

Beale street is one of the most sought-out biker’s hangouts point. Riders from across the country visit the location around the clock, especially in warmer months. You will find the riding trails filled with local and international riders whenever you come over and cast a glance.

This specific avenue is considered the landing pad for cruisers, sportbikes, and even scooters. People take a stroll down Bealle street to watch the action and enjoy each bit of it to the core.

Bikes of every style, shape, brand, size, and color are usually present here on Wednesday nights. Sometimes over 1000 bikers pay a visit on a single evening. So, make sure to bring the camera with you to capture delightful moments.

Come over to Bealle Street and see the true colors of Memphis.

Highway 61

A 250 miles ride, coupled with the entire civil war history and natural beauty, makes it a unique and beautiful experience for motorcyclists.

Kick off the bike in Memphis and finish the journey in New Orleans if you are looking for a multiple-day-long ride.

Initially, take 110 miles south; along the journey, you will pass Tunica and Cleveland at a gain of 149 Ft elevation and 249 ft of elevation drop. You can have a fast ride at this stage since the elevation figure is pretty much moderate.

In the next phase, begin the journey from Cleveland, head southward, and it will be 109 miles long trip. Along the road, you can clap the eyes on some historic cities before reaching Vicksburg.

From Vicksburg to Baton Rouge, the ride will be at an elevation of about 2300. Keeping the pace a bit low and slow and enjoying the scenic sight is critical to making the most of the tour.

After passing Baton Rouge, you may speed up and cover the next 80 miles in no time before the vibrant city of New Orleans welcomes you.

Eventually, you may treat yourself to the nightlife of New Orleans.

River Trail

Before your kick-off, have breakfast at The Arcade Restaurant. The friendliness of the staff along with reasonable prices will inject positive energy into your body and mind.

You will find newly paved trails on both sides of the river along the 7-mile loop West Memphis flood plain next to the Mississippi River.

Although a 7-mile ride is pretty short, still it’s sufficient to offer you a great ride away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

When you finish the ride in downtown West Memphis, pick up the famous Pancho’s Cheese Dip to make the trip more flavorsome and unforgettable.

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