Map Out Oklahoma’s Epic Riding Trails

With more than 1 million surface acres of water, Oklahoma has human-made lakes more than any other state. A myriad of springs and streams never fail to leave the spectators amazed, adding new flavors and colors to the Sooner State’s beauty. However, the bike-friendly highways cannot be overlooked amidst the water wonders.

Oklahoma’s diverse terrain ranging from the wooded landscape with twisted turns to red dirt plains, making it a perfect bike riding location for locals and enthusiasts from other states.

This article will share some of the best motorcycle riding trails you can choose for your next road trip.

Route 66

Want to take a nostalgic ride? Route 66 is where you need to head towards.

Along the way, the brightly colored neon signs, old-fashioned motels, drive-in movie theatres let you breathe in the good old days and exhale out modern-day inundated frustrating vibes.

Route 66 is considered the nation’s longest drivable stretch. It cuts through Oklahoma and takes the rides to some amazing towns, roadside diners, and much more to enhance the ride experience manifold.

Once you get a bit tired, stretch your legs at a theme park, unearth unique aspects of American history, and make the journey a memorable one.

From the park, head west for about four miles to Yukon for the next photo-op. Make sure not to miss this local landmark lit up by LED lights.

Talimena National Scenic Byway

Kick-off during the peak of fall foliage, between October and November, and you will experience the best ride of your life. It is known as the best motorcycle ride in the state.

If you are coming from the east, start at Highway 271 and Oklahoma State Highway 1. From east Talihina. From the northeast, you can turn toward Polteau and Wilburton, which lead to this junction.

Along the ride on Talimena National Scenic Byway, visualize the natural beauty of transforming foliage that you may have never seen before.

Ouachita National Forest in the vicinity offers over 350k acres of scenic vistas and hiking trails, making it one of the best locations with panoramic sights.

Highway 20

Dive deep into Oklahoma’s Green Country by taking a motorcycle ride on Highway 20, passing Roger and Mayes County.

You can begin the journey from Will Rogers Memorial Museum, head west on Highway 20, cross Pryor, and keep moving forward till you reach Lake Hudson Bridge. From there, turn northside; while enjoying some great riding roads, you will land at Spavinaw.

The road is not for faint-hearted and novice riders. Even experienced riders make sure to ride sensibly with utter attention and care, especially while riding at Dead Man’s Curve.

You can take a break upon reaching Spavinaw Area at Grand Lake State Park and cherish the turquoise water flows and streams.

Riding forty miles between Claremore and Spavinaw offers little back-country atmosphere on Highway 20.

If you are itching to leave the couch’s comfort and explore nature, then Oklahoma scenic byways and rides one of the best options. Get out and enjoy the viewpoints along the way.

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