Incredible Roads and Rides in Colorado

Colorado is known for its Rocky Mountains, marijuana, and above all, Cheeseburgers. However, that’s not all it’s known for.

Generally branded as the top-most coveted motorcyclist destination in the United States, Colorado’s biking trails make it a dream destination for riders throughout the country. It is

Colorado is blessed with the country’s hear-taking stretches of the Rocky Mountains, and it offers an extensive array of amenities to the riders when they get off the bike to stretch their legs.

This article will walk you through some of the most picturesque riding trails in Colorado so that you may plan your next ride accordingly.

Mount Evans Scenic & Historic Byway

Mount Evans Scenic Byway is the highest paved road in North America, and it is just 60 miles in the west of Denver. Mount Evans road escalates to a height of a little over 14k feet above sea level, making it one of the adventurous biking trails for riders.

You may kick off the ride from the historic mining town of Idaho Springs. From there, you can turn south on Highway 103 to the junction of Highway 5, taking you to the entrance of Mount Evans Road.

First and foremost, you will be welcomed by the pine trees, swaying in the wind when you cross them. Going a little ahead will take you to the realm of the mountainside, and the glorious sight of glacier-cut valleys along with the boundless horizon of sharp rocky peaks will leave you stunned and startled.

Often do rides encounter mountain goats and bighorn sheep grazing roadside, leaving the rider amazed and entertained.

The whole distance from Idaho Springs to Mount Evans is approximately 28 miles, could be covered within an hour. However, you may take a break on your way to enjoy and capture nature’s beauty.

San Juan Skyway Scenic & Historic Byway

Colorado is home to 26 scenic and historical byways, and San Juan Skyway is among the most sought-out bike riders.

It is considered an essential journey for road trippers who can travel through the famous mountain towns, including Durango, Silverton, Telluride, and Ouray.

The mountain here will put you under the impression as if they are painted as Crimsons bleeds into purples, and grays with vibrancy are nearly unparalleled by other peaks.

There you will come across a myriad of mountain passes, and each of them rises more than 11k feet above sea level. Also, the towns you will cross are well-known for their rich history and exquisiteness.

Telluride and Silverton are pretty rich in mining lore, whereas Cortex and Mancos fall right at the entrance of the best Ancestral Puebloan site in the country, Mesa Verde National Park.

It also enables you to ride on what’s known in Colorado as the “Million Dollar Highway.” The sight of various mountains such as Mount Wilson, mount Eolus, and Mount Sneffels along the route makes the ride worthwhile.

The Alpine Loop

A scenic byway offers the utmost beauty of nature and takes you through some of Colorado’s natural gems.

The route is full of flower-filled prairies, mountains, tundra, and much more to enhance the pleasure of your off-road adventure.

The trails system is comprised of old mining roads that wind near abandoned mines, mills, railroads, and ghost towns, offering you a glimpse of the history.

The trails are passable only during the summer season when the snow is over, making it a summer destination point.

The route is mainly off the road and through the backcountry, so make sure to fill the tank before kicking-off and take some food with you.

Make your mind, pack your bag, and come over to Colorado to experience the world’s best riding trails.

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