Epic Bike Trails in Arizona

Most people know Arizona for the Apache trout, chimichangas, and deep-fried burritos. However, bike enthusiasts visit Arizona to clap their eyes on the beautiful and diverse landscapes while enjoying their long rides.

The larger-than-life bike trails it offers to attract bike lovers from across the country and beyond feature an impressive diversity of terrain and difficulty.

Riding is not a hobby but a passion, and those living with this passion tend to be adventurous, courageous, and explorative.

Whether you are local or coming from other states or countries, Arizona has something for everyone in its natural paradise.

This article will share with you some of the fascinating bike trails. Let’s explore them;

Route 660

Get your bike running to seek an open-air adventure and cherish the most exquisite route that attracts riders from throughout the US, Canada, and many European countries.

It starts from Chicago and heads south through Illinois and Missouri while slightly touching southeast Kansas. Next, it turns westward and covers Oklahoma and Texas before stretching into New Mexico and Arizona and ends at Los Angeles.

Route 66 stretches over six different states, and this historical ride is also known as Mother Road, offering you the most thrilling ride in the US on two wheels. The Arizona part contains some of its unique roadbeds and landscapes, rest stops, and diners that feature true Americana.

On your way, you may enjoy the distinct beauty of the Arizona terrain; plus, it’s not heavily trafficked, so it allows you an easy ride. You may take a break and take your lunch at Joe & Aggie’s in Holbrook, and down the road, you may keep exploring downtown Williams.

Once get tired of the ride and exploration, you can spend your night at La Posada Harvey House in Winslow.

The following day when your ride begins, once you get at the momentous Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive-In in Seligman, the route opens up to 159 miles of a pristine two-lane blacktop to Kingman.

On the way to the mining town of Oatman, the black mountain provides another spectacular sight to the intrepid riders.

Phoenix to Show Low

Hit the road and love the open-road adventures that will take you deep into nature’s exquisite offerings.

Begin the journey from Phoenix and head forward on the well-maintained US 60 east to Mesa.

Once you are in the vicinity of sister towns of Globe-Miami, the highway will open up. Keep going ahead and cherish the ride till you reach Globe, where you can take a break to taste the best Bloody Mary at the 1902 Drift Inn Saloon.

Moving ahead, the Salt River Canyon Wilderness Area will greet you, followed by the White Mountains, towns of Pinetop, and Show Low.

You may stop anywhere along the way and capture the beauty of nature through the lenses of your naked eyes.

Old Tucson

If you enjoy riding, you will definitely love Tucson, given that it has an abundance of beautiful riding spots for bike lovers, such as Seven Falls, Tumamoc Hill, Yetman Trail, Blackett’s Ridge, Wasson Peak Trails, and much more.

Old Tucson is a vital part of Western Arizona history, which embodies the scenic desert that grabs people’s attention from across the country. It is a beautiful 120-mile stretch if you kick off in Phoenix via the I-10 East.

It’s a paradise for dessert lovers, and the roads are incredibly motorcycle-friendly. Make sure to bring sunscreen and more water with you to make the ride a memorable one.

Be equipped and organized for the most incredible road biking experience when you are in Tucson. The clean air and much-needed break from the traffic attract the riders throughout the year.

Enjoy your ride here and while going back, take the sweet and adventurous memories with you.

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